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William Merrill Gallery Holiday Catalog

The William Merrill Gallery past-owners along with my art representative have put together a wonderful Holiday Catalog featuring a mix of artists and talent. I’m honored to be apart of this limited release catalog for clients and new customers.

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I have included images from The Witching Hour. This collection is an on-going series involving my photography during nightfall. It is a study of sleep, dreams and the entangled sense of folklore I am interested in.

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Each image is a limited run of 8 Editions. All signed, numbered and unframed. The sizing is 12x18 and archival pigment prints. Contact for purchasing is above. Thank you. The catalog runs only until December 14th, then will be closed.

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Portrait Pop-Up | Picking Daisies 10 Year Anniversary

Last Saturday I did another 4 x 5 portrait pop up for Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo at their 10 Year Anniversary party. My assistant and I had a great time and met some awesome individuals apart of our community. Here are some of my favorites.

All images were shot on 4 x 5 Arista EDU 200 film

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Editorial | Edible SLO: The Noble Experiment

I was fortunate enough to once again be apart of Edible SLO for their drinks issue. The writer, the judges, the bartenders, and myself met at the speakeasy/cocktail lounge in Paso Robles called 1122. The purpose was to capture a competition between 4 bartenders using beautiful, organic farm-stand products and local craft spirits. Here are some images.






Black & White Portraits: Shot on 4 x 5 Ilford Hp5 film

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Limited Edition Print Run | In The East

A couple weekends ago I decided to grab my camping gear, my dog, and fill up my gas tank and drive 6 hours in the middle of the night to the Eastern Sierras along Highway 395. My destination was near Lone Pine, CA at a place called Alabama Hills. Not only are the Hills a great place to camp (extra points because it is located on BLM land) but there is history there as well. It is a very popular filming location for television & movie productions, especially Westerns. Over 150 films have been taped there since the 1920s. The main reasons why I enjoy going there other than free camping are: for night/astrological photography there is very low light pollution in the sky and sunrises are priceless. A special thing happens during sunrise when the sun peaks East over the mountain range adjacent to the Sierras. The sun beams hit Mount Whitney and the other peaks brilliantly leaving the valley or hills below in shadow, creating a beautiful contrast of light. Below is one image I took with my 4x5 camera at this exact moment.


I’ve been wanting to capture this shot for years with my large format camera and since I’m excited to share this image above I will be offering a limited print run of “In The East”.


In The East | Alabama Hills, CA - Limited Run of 15 Prints at 11x16 in size

Image was taken on Ilford Delta 100 4x5 negative and digitally scanned on high resolution to create a archival pigment print

Paper type - Hahnemuhle Photo Rag ( 308gsm, matte, 100% cotton, acid-free)

Price - $250.00 shipping included except international orders

Accepts: Venmo, PayPal, or Square

Contact me for purchasing at: fusillo.foto@gmail.com

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Makeshift Maker's Market | Biddle Ranch

Here are some of my favorite portraits from the Biddle Ranch Winery Makeshift Maker’s Market that took place on September 30th. All images were shot on 4 x 5 negative film.