Richard Fusillo is a freelance artist residing on the Central Coast of California.

Photograph by: Eric Lish @lisheric

Photograph by: Eric Lish @lisheric

In 2004 after graduating high school I packed up my bags and moved to the Central Coast of California. I joined the community college brigade and signed up for my first photography class: an introduction to black & white using the darkroom process. My instructor combined with chance encounters with peers turned the art of photography into my passion quickly. The teacher told me stories of a different side of life (to me); about the Baja coast, living in vans, surfing and a keen sense of adventure. At the same time every Friday during that semester I started learning alternative techniques that he was practicing in his own personal work and because of those open lab days I became addicted to photography. It was fresh, it was exciting and it was the first time I was able to find my voice.

Throughout the first few years of living on the coast I met a fellow student whom was in a punk rock band called New Tomorrow. He asked me if I’d be interested in photographing one of their local concerts and without hesitation or knowing what I was truly doing I said yes. I was able to combine my two favorite things: punk music and photography. Nothing compares to being able to capture the energy of a show. Inspired by the 80s and early 90s imagery of the Los Angeles and New York punk and hardcore scenes, I started shooting every concert I could sink my teeth into. The grittiness, the spontaneous crowds, the unpredictable movements of a band, the raw feeling…it was a drug. Every show was different; every time a band walked on stage my adrenaline peaked – it truly was a natural high. After many local shows I started reaching out to other bands in the scene from all over the United States. If musicians entered California and I was into their sound, I contacted them. And to this day I’m surprised that literally every band I wrote or called said “yes.” My weekends consisted of driving back and forth from San Francisco and Los Angeles, late nights, a lot of sweat, amazing stories and documenting the scene I not only loved but was inspired by.

After many weekends, some tours, and memories I can look back and realize that music photography and the industry itself taught me quite a lot about myself and also creating pictures. I was able to learn how to adapt quickly while capturing live concerts or touring with bands. I was able to document a sub culture of our world and share it. I was able to learn how to communicate and above all I was able to accept the unexpected. The experiences enabled me to be more comfortable with a lifestyle that doesn’t follow a set path. And honestly, I enjoy it and use that knowledge of the unknown to my advantage. My camera has gotten me off my couch and has introduced me to exploration. I get to see amazing places and continually encounter beautiful individuals along the way.

2019 - 2020 CLIENT LIST:

  • Edible slo magazine, s’more media, slo brew, bluebird salon, tiger owl clothing, coyote & oak magazine, we goddess jewelry, wildmoon collection, passport slo, el rancho carpintero, ac elite sports, traditional tattoo, ucp of san luis obispo, rosen skincare, +more


  • 2019 Collaborative Exhibit with Jason Hudson | “Large Format Tribute & TinTypes” | The Station - San Luis Obispo, CA

  • 2019 Group Exhibit | “Common Ground” curated by Missy Reitner-Cameron | Studios on the Park - Paso Robles, CA

  • 2018 Solo Exhibit | Untitled: A Collection of Cyanotypes | Scissor Clothing - Atascadero, CA

  • 2018 Group Exhibit | “Leave No Trace” curated by (myself) | Studios on the Park - Paso Robles, CA

  • 2018 Solo Exhibit | “The Witching Hour Intro” | The Bunker - San Luis Obispo, CA