Workshop | A Beginner's Guide to Black & White Film Shooting

Workshop | A Beginner's Guide to Black & White Film Shooting



$75/ per hour.

A $50.00 deposit (paid here) is required to schedule a workshop. The retainer is applied into the overall total at the end of each session.

There is a second option for non-San Luis Obispo County residents where the deposit is required + any traveling fees associated. I will require you to send me an email to discuss options.

This workshop covers the essentials when learning about 35mm cameras and black & white film. Classes are one on one, unless an arrangement is made and is open for ages from 13 and on! We will essentially be shooting side by side. And any question is a good question.

  1. We will cover the camera. I will break down the basics that will excel you to be a better photographer. You will learn your film camera inside and out, and be confident while holding it in your hands.

  2. We will cover technique and a way to be more creative in the field

  3. We will cover the rule of thirds, and other photography rules ( the do’s and don’ts)

  4. Workshops can be completely customized. If you have experience and just want to have a refresh on film work, if you have never touched a camera before, if you are strictly digital and want to experiment with film, amongst other things.

Workshops are $75/ per hour. I require an initial deposit of $50 on a payment here. When the one-on-one class is over, we will discuss payment or arrangements! Your deposit goes directly into the total, or first hour.


  • A 35mm camera, if you do not own a camera we can discuss renting one before you sign up for the workshop. Rental fees go towards fresh camera batteries, and maintenance of the camera stock I personally own. They start at $15/an hour.

  • Ages 13 to unlimited

  • Must be able to drive or get dropped off at a discussed location (you are allowed to have parental guidance or bring a friend to observe)

  • Notepad and pencil

  • $50.00 / deposit

What I provide:

  • Two black and white rolls of film. 100 ISO or 400 ISO pending on the time of day the workshop is scheduled

  • Experience and knowledge

  • Miscellaneous gear if needed (IE: reflectors, tripods, etc)

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